Visiting O’Reilly’s National Park Today

It’s sunny day and a but warm today. Actually we want to go to an island but then we decided to go to National Park. It’s nice to see different places here. @dokterjalanjalan told me that there is a rain forest and walking tree top place there. So, I’m excited to go.

We went there about 1,5 hours from our live. Then it needs to go up to the hill. Ouuh on the way, we stopped at the famous Pie shop called Yatala. I tried to find spinach and pesto flavour but I didn’t find one. So, I chose Steak and mushroom while @dokterjalanjalan chose Steak and Kidney. 

On the halfway to the top of the hill, we stopped to have lunch there. We ate the pie while seeing the beautiful view. We saw different animals there from Pedimelon, ilama, birds, cows, horses and ponies. Until we arrived at the top then we went to go inside the rain forest by wooden path. 

We went to the Walking tree top area because we’re excited for that. We’re tree house lovers and fans although it’s not full of tree house btw. But it has very beautiful view there. There were two top parts. We’ve been climbed to the highest one. Then we accrossed the hanging bridge again. 

At the end of the hanging bridge, we’be greeted by nice birds. They’re very friendly and close to human. Even they were flying and stopping around us. Unfortunately we didn’t bring the food. Sorry birds… 

We end up our day there by visiting the campground and having a cup of tea plus hot soup around the Pedimelon. Then we came back home. We saw beautiful sunset on the way back. What a fun day! 

Thank you for reading my journey today! 😊



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  1. Lovely post! I am interested in the signage there…..everything is printed in English?
    And I learned about the pademelon!

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