Hello Again Brisbane!!!

So, my journey is started yesterday. My family took me to the Yogyakarta International airport as I will go to Brisbane for holiday. 

Then I need to transit in Denpasar first and waiting until 10 pm to fly. It was a bit hectic day. I’m just feeling uncomfortable with different flights in a day which actually it should be connecting flight. 

I arrived at the Yogyakarta Airport about 2.30 pm and then it’s continued to the Bali International Airport about 6 pm. I need to wait a bit longer here which is half boring coz it’s busy, so many people sitting at the bar and restaurants. It also was full of people. Finally after delayed almost an hour, my flight was ready to go about 11 pm.

That’s funny how I could get the empty rows. I should sit with a lady but then I tried to sit the blank seat in front of me and wait until there is no one will sit there. Lucky! The empty rows is mine! It’s officially my business class for this flight. So, I could sleep for 5 hours on the way to Brisbane. I just woke up for eating 10 minutes and writing declaration paper. I was sleeping well.

I arrived in Brisbane about 8 am, it should be 6 but I was delayed. I’m very exciting to be in Brisbane again. @dokterjalanjalan picked me up and took me around a bit to buy some foods and stuff. I started saying Hello again Brisbane!!!

Then he took me to our friends’ house in NSW. We visited Broken head beach and we saw couples of dolphins playing around the surfers and some whales. I didn’t swim in the water. It’s a bit cold here but I’m very happy. I’m happy to see @dokterjalanjalan and his friends again in Brisbane. Be happy to wait for my another journey in Brisbane!



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  1. Enjoy your holiday 😉

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  2. Welcome! You have been here before? Enjoy your stay 😊

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  3. I hope you’ll have a great time, Safira!

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