Less Than 24 Hours in Jakarta for International Driving License

I was thinking to make International driving license a year ago. But I need to make sure that it will be useful or I often travel abroad. If not, that would be useless. So, I postpone to make it until I decided to make it this week. I need to go to Jakarta to make the international driving licenses.

I went to Jakarta by train last night and arrived in Pasar Senen Train Station this early morning about 5 am. I waited for an hour at the train station to go the police office. While I was waiting, I looked a mom and a girl looked for her husband. She asked all the taxi drivers and showed them the picture. Her husband is taxi driver for Airport and Train Station. What a drama!She might be waiting for the husband at the train station all day. 

I took online driver to take me to the police station or NTMC. I arrived very early until I got first number. I waited for about 2 hours but it took only 15 minutes to make the international driving license. There is not driving test or theory test because we have tested before when we want to apply for the local driving license.

Finally, I made it. I ordered driver online again. It’s a bit difficult because of the traffic. But lucky I could get one driver. And he is from my hometown!!!! LOL my neighbor. We talked a about the development in Jakarta.

He took me to the Airport because I didn’t get the same ticket like yesterday I had. The new one cost me about US$30 and will arrive on Thursday. Crazy! I don’t want it so I decided to take the flight which is only about $39 today. I will arrive in an hour. That’s about my story in Jakarta less than 24 hours. I seldom to stay longer in Jakarta. Usually only a day or two days. 



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  1. omona kak you’re going to aussie already?? gak pamit iw
    waiting for your stories ya. have a good life there!

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