I Got A Bike in Marina Bay!!!

Singapore is often becoming one of the first destination for Indonesian who wants to travel abroad, including me!!! The country is safe and it’s very easy to go around. It’s close to Indonesia also. I met so many Indonesian there! Even I found the souvenirs sellers are from Indonesia, Batam. LOL



One thing that I want to tell you here is that how I got bike in Marina Bay. I didn’t steal the bike, it’s just something happened with this cheeky girl at that time. I know… I was a bit embarrassing but I grown up by time and experience.


So, at that time I was walking around the Merlion and then going to the Marina Bay. I asked someone who was taking picture around the Merlion to take a picture of me with the Merlion as the background. I know… embarrassing… Then I met two girls look like Indonesian, that’s why I asked them but no! They’re Vietnamese. We’re talked a bit but they couldn’t speak English fluently so it’s a bit difficult to continue the conversation.


Then, I saw someone was sitting around the garden, and the bike was in front him. He looked at me, he looks like a high school student. I said hello to him and he asked me where I am from. After that I asked him to borrow the bike to go around. He let me borrow it even he took a picture of me with the bike.


At the night, I met up with couchsurfing friends in China Town. They asked me where did I go during the day. I showed them a picture of me with the bike. They’re surprised, “where did you get the bike?” Did you rent the bike?”. I explained to them, and they’re laughing. Maybe they thought I was crazy.


Ouh there is one thing that I want to tell you that when I visited Singapore in 2013, it was fog everywhere because of the burning forest in Riau, Indonesia if I’m not mistaken. I felt bad with my friends because they’re talked about the fog was from Indonesia and it made all the people in Singapore couldn’t do activities happily. I said sorry to them although it’s not my mistake but it’s from my country.


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