Journey to The Floating Moon

I love you to the moon and back!

I love you to the moon and back!

I was starting my journey to look for the floating moon in Yogyakarta. By finding this moon, hopefully love is real… 🙂

On the moon looking at the beautiful view of the beach

It’s just a boring day without adventure so I took my friend Asiyah who just came back from Melbourne for joining in my journey to the floating moon. I was searching information about this moon.

Flying horse

There is no explanation about the exact address but it tells Goa Jepang or Japanese cave for a prison during the colonialist era. So, the moon must be found around this area. At the first time, I just mentioned Bukit panguk to Asiyah and we didn’t find the moon that I want. We found flying horse and Tinker Bell’s flower.

Panguk hill
Riding the flying horse to find the moon
Tinker Bell’s nest

Even we saw signs that tells the direction and we found Australia on it!!! LOL It’s true, Australia is south of Yogyakarta. so, we often called it with South Yogyakarta. Then we decided to take a rest and ate a mango and watermelon ice cream before continuing the journey.

Take a break
Asiyah with the view
my friend Asiyah
Australia is over there!
Mango ice cream

The road is very challenging with the rocky road and holes in almost along the 2 km. We’re a bit worry about our tyre on motorbike. We used the google maps to find the location which is about 20 minutes from the flying horse.

otw to the hill in Japan cave area
Happiness is simple, it’s just simple as being grateful
Pundong hill, Japanese cave

We arrived at Japanese cave and we didn’t find the floating moon yet. Then I keep whispering while parking our motorbike, “is there any floating moon here?” The lady in the parking area said, “yes… there is a floating moon that you can see on top”. We need to walk about 2 km and along the way to the hill, we saw lots of advice on the trees. One of them is about happiness.

the cave
I saw the moon!!!

We’re almost arrived and… I saw the moon…!!!!!!!!!! Yehaaaarrrr… Floating moon… I didn’t want to waste my time so I tried to come closer quickly. Of course… It’s time to hug the moon, talking to the moon, laying on the moon. Even I found a giant flower!!!

Hugging the moon
laying on the moon
Me and Asiyah sitting on the moon

Mission is completed!!!!

Mission is completed! I’m very happy!

Actually, the floating moon is a kind of icon that people made as a photo booth. That is my favorite spot in Jogja or Yogyakarta right now as you can see a beautiful view of the Depok beach and sunset also. The weather is also nice there, it’s not hot. Love it!

on the giant flower
the wind is strong
I saw a couple, this is how Indonesian in a date 😀
It’s popular expression and a bit containing sarcasm, “just give your smile!”

Thank you my friend Asiyah who accompanied me to find the floating moon.




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  1. Looks like you had a good time. 🙂

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  2. What a wonderful title for a post! Glad you found your floating moon and all the enchantments along the road.

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  3. Because of this post, I really intend to visit Indonesia… Will January be an ideal time?

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