Buggy Adventure to Pacitan Beaches

Pacitan is a famous place with beach for surfing in Java. @dokterjalanjalan took me to an adventure with buggy from Yogyakarta to Pacitan. It took about 4-5 hours on the way. Pacitan is the border of East Java, so when we’re heading to Pacitan we’re going to pass 3 provinces; Yogyakarta, Central Java (Wonogiri), East Java (Pacitan). It was fun adventure but it made me got burning skin on the buggy!



We left Yogyakarta around 10 O’Clock in the morning. We should arrive at 3 pm in Pacitan but we arrived there around 5 pm because we’re visiting a beach for surfing in Yogyakarta called Watu Ombo beach.


First beach that we visited in Pacitan was Watu Karung beach unfortunately @dokterjalanjalan said the waves were not good at that time. Then we looked for a place to stay and we chose a home stay named Harry’s Ocean House Watukarung.


In early morning, @dokterjalanjalan went to do surfing at different beach. Then we went to visit different beaches in Pacitan after having breakfast and on the way back to Yogyakarta.


We have visited different beaches. we’re almost forgot all the names of the beaches when people asks us which beach we have visited. Even we have some pictures but beaches are almost having the same look. LOL


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