My First Time Exploring Semarang After Job Interview

My place is close to the Capital city of Province of Central Java. But, I never been there before to visit the city. I was only passing by the city when I went to Jepara or other cities around Semarang. This time, I got a chance to visit this city.


The shrine and the statue of Admiral Zheng He/Cheng Ho

I just arrived in Yogyakarta at night after traveling to Flores and Bali. Then in the early morning I went to Semarang by a charter car. I was too tired to go by myself as it was also for job interview so I need to be fit. By joining the charter car, I need to be patient until the driver take me to the place that I want to go. The drivers took 6 people from Yogyakarta to Semarang. One of them was going to the airport. Lucky that I could see Airport in Semarang for the first time. LOL

In Bali
In the charter car

Then finally they delivered me to one of the oldest media that I will have job interview. That was coincidence because I should be having interview in Yogyakarta but they put my name in Semarang interview but I didn’t complain about that because I could have chance to visit Semarang. But for the next steps I was doing them in Yogyakarta.

Ready for the interview
In front of the office

After interview, I took an online ojek driver GO-JEK. The driver told me that I’m a knight because I went there alone. Ha…Ha…Ha… Our culture is always going to go to somewhere with friends or family. That is why, he told me I’m knight to go alone by myself. I went to visit a temple, a popular temple in Semarang called Sam poo kong, the oldest Chinese temple in Semarang.

Entering the area

It is located in the middle of the city and I was waiting for the charter car to Yogyakarta there. I went around to see the shrine and I saw many people there although it was cloudy. It was also after Chinese New Year, that is why I saw many lanterns there.

Sam Poo Kong area
Charging phone in the security’s place

After exploring the temple, I got call from the interview team tells that I can go for the next steps in Yogyakarta. I’m very happy to get the the news. But then my phone was run out battery. I need to stay on call while waiting for the charter car. So, I decided to look for the plug place. That’s bad I didn’t bring power bank. Finally the car arrived so I could come back to Yogyakarta. It’s about  hours. Although it’s busy day but it’s fun and adventure day for me in Semarang. I have enjoyed it.



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  1. Wish you best of luck for the final stage of interview. Keep the battery intact you never for emergency you might need it.

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  2. You’re opening up an amazing world for me here with these blogs! I hope the job interview went well 🙂

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