The Story of Traditional Snack Madu Mongso

Last Lebaran, my aunty brought us food and snack, it is a tradition. Young sisters and young brothers will bring food and snack for older sisters or brothers. My parents are oldest. That is why they got a lot food.One of the snack is called with Madu Mongso.


This Madu Mongso is from Blitar, a city where our first president Ir.Sukarno was born. The snack is made from fermented sticky rice mix with pineapple and then wrapped with colorful papers.ย  It is very interesting taste but I’m not fans of this snack.


I love how they wrap the snack. Madu Mongso is usually served in East Java family during Lebaran or Idul Fitr. The word Madu means Honey and Mongso means Eating. I thought it’s called with Madu Mongso because it is made from honey and people needs to hunt the honey first which is in Java, Mongso also means hunting.


Then, my dad explained me that it’s called Madu Mongso because the taste almost the same with honey and mongso means eating. Ouh, the paper is used by my niece to make magic water because it can be used to color the water.



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  1. Such pretty treats! Beautiful pictures Safira! Thank you for sharing a little peek into your culture. They’re so pretty! It’s too bad you don’t enjoy eating them ๐Ÿ™‚

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