It’s Time For My Graduation Story

Visiting my universities lately, reminds me of happiest days in uni especially in my graduation. I want to share a story about my graduation as I never tell about it before. Today I met my uni friend who is on his way to graduate soon. So, it’s ring a bell, that is why I decided to share my graduation story. Actually, before telling about the day, I will tell you about the tradition in your oral defense or graduation day, you will receive so many bucket of flowers and gifts from your friends.




I was studying in one of universities in Yogyakarta and I took English Language Education Study Program. It took 5 years for me to finish the undergraduate program, I’m too active in some activities outside my campus. I’m very happy that finally I made it. What makes me happier was that @dokterjalanjalan comes to Yogyakarta although he has only 4 days off. He wants to attend my graduation ceremony.



So I took him to my graduation night. He met my friend who has struggled together with me called Anus. So, during the semester in finishing the thesis, Anus was always around at the campus with me like doing consultations, or doing the thesis. He has told me before, “we should be behind our friends at least one step”. It means that we should graduate soon as our friends have graduated before us. Finally we made it!



I feel like I was the happiest girl at the moment because my family, beloved one and my best friends attending my graduation. I thought there will be only my best friend Susi, @dokterjalanjalan, and my family who attending the graduation. I love all the pictures in my graduation. I have my photographer friend to capture all the moments.


There is also the other tradition in graduation. You will treat your family and best friends after the graduation. I have two moment of this, once after graduation with family and best friends. The other one with my big family from my mom. It is kind of grateful so we will spread happiness to others.




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  1. Those photos are so colourful! Lovely post.

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  2. Congrats,Safira ! Wishing you well on your next big step to success!

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  3. For those who said congratulation, you only read the title, didn’t you? πŸ˜€


  4. Many congratulations !

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  5. I love these wonderful photos of your graduation, they are so happy and colourful! I’ve put a link to this post in my Daily Walk so others can enjoy it too πŸ™‚
    Here’s the link: Daily Walk

    Have a great weekend πŸ™‚

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  6. How wonderful for you!! Congratulations!

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