Ash Raining From The Sky

February 14 2014, Ash raining starting from the early morning. It’s not Mount Merapi again like we had in 2010. This time, the ash was from Mount Kelud, East Java. Funny isn’t it?

We’re in Yogyakarta, near Central Java and then the ash was from Mount Kelud that is close to Mount Bromo. Even the TV was talking a lot about Yogyakarta. It was quite far away about 241 km. Even, my hometown was fine, it didn’t have thick ash like we got in Yogya.

Here is a bit video of the volcanic ash rain that I record at my boarding house.

There is also video from local about the Volcanic ash rain.



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  1. Earth is burning!!!!


  2. It’s very dangerous to live so close to young Mother (or Father) Earth. But nature’s show is undeniably beautiful.
    In my country there are no live volcanoes… only killer earthquakes.


  3. I remember the ash fall from Mt. Saint Helens in on May 18, 1980. Day turns to night and the morning is gray.


  4. Eeek! Scary stuff….

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