Camping at Jungwok Beach

Jungwok? It sounds Korean name but it’s in Yogyakarta. The location of this beach is next to Wedi Ombo Beach (Beach for surfing). I was camping with my friends. They decided to do camping in Jungwok Beach.


The first impression when we heard about this beach was Is it founded by Korean? Then no one knows. We went there with a car, I forgot exactly how many people who joined in the camping days because some of them arrived at the night by motorbike.



Unfortunately, you can’t see the sunset or sunrise view here but this beach is recommended for camping. It’s quite and there is not so many people there. The view is also beautiful.


After we installed our tent, we did preparing for dinner food. Then we did playing around the beach and taking pictures. There is a hill there where you can see beautiful view. We should build tent there, but we’ll be a bit far from the beach. That is why we didn’t move. Glad to have this camping experience with my friends from boarding house. It will be another memory with them. I’m grateful that we can enjoy simple things together. I miss them!



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  1. Stunning photo-collection !

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  2. Wow, that’s such a pleasant feeling. Maybe I’ll go there someday. Or -more likely- never, nowadays it’s so hard to teleport.

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