What A Good Day! We Visited Chicken Factory Today

President Obama is in Yogyakarta right now. Ha Ha Ha…

But, I’m not gonna tell you about him. I will tell you about how can we visit Chicken Factory. So, @dokterjalanjalan and I had a meeting with a family who wants to buy stuff. Then, she explains us that she is a supplier for KFC in Indonesia also some restaurants and hotels in Java. She tells us that she has big factory in Yogyakarta. Even she takes us for a tour with her car to her factory and generously treats us for a lunch.


She is an amazing lady from Java, Indonesia. she runs the business since she was 16 years old with 5 chickens. Now, she got some big factories for chickens and also a factory for chicken nugget. She is also building a big and beautiful mosque in front of her factory. That’s awesome!


We saw inside the factory today! She shows us the giant storage which are very cold. It’s interesting because we never seen the factory of chicken before. The factory cut 1 tons of chickens in an hour. That’s marvelous here! We are grateful for the journey to the chicken factory today! Thank you…



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  1. To start a business at 16 is very admirable and inspirational. Love the photos! He looks very happy to be there.

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