Drini Beach: Now and 5 Years Ago

The name of the beach that I visited with my family yesterday is called with Drini Beach. It is in Wonosari Regency, part of Yogyakarta. It took only 1,5 hours from my hometown and about 2 hours from Yogyakarta city.


It was very crowded and full of people yesterday maybe because of Hari Raya holidays. But, I’m sure it has so many people also in weekdays or not high season. It reminds me of 5 years ago.I went to this beach with my gals. It was so quite… Only 4 of us and a couple.




We spent there all day and only 4 of us and the couple went home. Then it was raining heavily so we decided to have dinner in a warung near the beach. Waow… It was very different from now with 5 years ago.


What you need to know is actually, all the public places or interesting places in Indonesia are always visited by many people. It’s sometimes because of the place instagramable or popular, so many people consider that they should visit the place.



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  1. Once again such good info. Thanks.

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  2. Wow, this is a beautiful location.

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