Lava Bantal, The Geological Heritage Site in Yogyakarta

Lava Bantal, it belongs to Opak River in Yogyakarta and it is called with Lava Bantal (Pillow of Lava) because it is formed by the lava that came up from the mountain and it’s frozen because of the water. So, it forms the stones around the river. Ha Ha Ha I’m not an expert of Geology but I tried to explain you. The location is not too far from the city. If you are come back from Prambanan Temple, you can try to visit this geological heritage site by bike, motorbike, or a car. Here is the map to the location.


At this time, my friends and I went to this place for photo sessions. We made photo for dancing near the river. It’s about reminder that water is always your power so use water wisely. So, in this post the photos are taken by my friends. They are a boy and a girl and you can check their profiles.


We really love hunting places for photo sessions. Sometimes we get confused because so many beautiful places in Yogyakarta where you can do photo sessions there. I wish I could get interesting and creative theme for doing photo sessions in every places so we can promote our beloved city, Yogyakarta.


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