What You Can See Around 0 KM of Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is not only a cultural city in Indonesia but it is historical city. If you visit this city, you might be visiting Malioboro shopping area. Along the Malioboro street, you will see President’s palace in your right side and Vredeburg Fort left side. Then you will find 0 Km among President’s palace, Vredeburg Fort, Monument, Bank and Post Office.


Then if you go pass the intersection, you will enter Keraton or King’s palace. But I will tell you about 0 km right now. Next time I will write about palace. When I was living in Yogyakarta, I often said to my friend that I really want to visit 0 km in the afternoon, walking around the place and sitting to enjoy the atmosphere of Yogyakarta in the sunny afternoon.


One of my best friends took me to 0 km at that time. We went to Vredeburg Fort just for taking pictures and seeing the inside of the museum. You can see some dioramas about history of Yogyakarta for Indonesia. Then after taking pictures around Vredeburg Fort and inside it we went to walk around the 0 km. Actually there are some installations that you can see along the Malioboro street and one of the installation that I found in front of the Fort is the human body.


I love sitting around there and seeing some students doing art for charity, people walking to sell souvenirs and snacks or beverages. It’s Yogya’s atmosphere that I like. Then I went to across the road to take a picture in front of President’s palace. I’m happy that I could enjoy the atmosphere in 0 km of Yogyakarta. One thing that I haven’t done in Yogyakarta is taking picture with White Pal as my background picture. LOL


Sometimes we just need simple thing to make us happy. đŸ™‚



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  1. Great post and yes simple is good!

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  2. very insightful and fascinating, I want to keep on travelling until I die!!!!!!!!

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