Panji Semirang, a princess in disguise

I’m very happy to reblog this post. I want to show you about one of Traditional Balinese Dances that I have learned, my lovely friends. So, here is Panji Semirang Dance!

Safira's Journey

After Pendhet Dance, I learned Panji Semirang. It is interesting if we talk about the story behind the dance. Why does she wear man’s costume?

IMG_3506 Panji Semirang

So, Panji Semirang is a story about a princess Galuh Candra Kirana who is looking for her boyfriend who is kidnapped. She is in disguise to find her boyfriend Prince Panji Inu Kertapati.

The dance is in man’s dancing movement. It has to be masculine without leaving the aesthetic essence.

The funny thing that I have experienced from this dance, My body will be used to dance in Man’n movements. The dance after this is called Legong Kraton with woman’s movements. When I did dancing the Legong or Condong (part of Legong dance), my body has masculine movements. I love Balinese Dance!

IMG_3494 Me with my friend in Javanese dance

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