Introducing Myself to My New Local Friends

I’m very happy to meet my new friends in Australia. Finally I met local friends from Australia, Roo. They’re one of the Australian animal that I really want to see. Lucky that I could make it. I asked @dokterjalanjalan to visit Australia zoo for seeing Kangaroo and Koala. Ha…Ha…Ha… These are my pictures with Roo.


I’m focusing on a bird behind Roo that eat so fast


It is something that makes me happy all day. I could meet one of these amazing creatures. So, my mission in Australia is accomplished, to be closer with Kangaroo and Koala. Thank you @dokterjalanjalan who took me to the place where I could see them.


@dokterjalanjalan feeding Roo




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  1. Fabulous takes, thanks for the share!

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  2. Wow! So amazing you could get so close to the kangaroos! Wonderful photos!

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  3. So jealous of your new friends! 😁❤️

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  4. I’m glad you had the chance to see a kangaroo up close and personal! They’re dozy things 🙂

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  5. Love your posts and pictures. So interesting! Thank you for sharing these!

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