A Happy Weekend On Prison Island

The other island in Cocos (Keeling) Island that I love is Prison Island. It’s only small but it’s beautiful and gorgeous with the clear water for snorkeling there. There are beautiful blue water sky and my favorite color, Turquoise! This island is very close to the Home Island. We went there by kayaking.


See the colors, it’s very relaxing and so peaceful for me. I was very happy to visit this island. I’m running around the island, looking for nice spots for taking pictures. @dokterjalanjalan was still doing spearfishing around there.


Look how clear the water also. It makes you to jump into the water and to swim there. You can swim with the shark safely sometimes. There are many sharks in this island. I’m very excited to see this magnificent creature.


While I was walking around the island, I found the little fish was trapped alone. So, I decided to move the fish into the sea. The fish was very swimming happily after that.


We got a bit trouble when we arrived at Home Island, because the water is low even it’s almost gone. So, we need to put big energy in pulling the kayak. Don’t worry, I was not only taking picture. I did helping @dokterjalanjalan a bit. I really miss this island!




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  1. Nice prison! Lol! 🤣😎

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  2. interesting name. why this island has such name!

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  3. Wooow nice pictures hey …. 🙂

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  4. I wanna go there – immediately! ♥

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  5. Really enjoyed your photos!

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  6. Beautiful! Every ocean has sharks. They are only a danger if they mistake you for food. When I first learned to dive they were my biggest fear.

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  7. the pictures are AWESOME! This is a great prison. LOL! Loving it!

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  8. All I can say is BEAUTIFUL and BLUE.

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  9. Your post is so beautiful and happy. You make me long to just fly away although I better do some research first to find this gem of an island. Turquoise waters…….hmm…now I am dreaming.

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