Chillin’ out at Direction Island, Western Australia


In the 4th week in Cocos, we did visiting Direction Island. There is schedule for the ferry to go to the island and what time it will pick you up. It took an hour to go to the island from Home Island. As it goes to West Island first and then it goes to Direction Island.


We arrived at the jetty and we saw a beautiful turquoise blue water around the beach. Then we entered the island, we saw a monument of World War between Australia and Germany. We read the history there, then we walked to see around the island.



There were 6 people or 3 couples who visited the island including us. How quite! You can do what you like to do. So, we walked to find a good spot for us to chill out. We saw the stream at the corner of the island. Waow, that would be fun if you use floating or boogie board there. But, it can be dangerous sometimes so we did not play on the stream.



We did swinging as some spots has swing. Then @dokterjalanjalan wants to go for spearfishing. so, he goes to the other side to do it. I joined him only for few minutes then I look for something around the beach. Finally @dokterjalanjalan got couple of fishes that we could eat tonight. So, we got back to the center of the island around jetty. We took a break, had lunch and playing around the jetty. @dokterjalanjalan comes back to do spearfishing around the jetty because we saw squids. I did swimming there because the water is very clean and nice. But then I got trouble! My back is burned!!! Aaaahhh.. it was annoying. My false!


We will be picked up at 4 pm. We saw some fish around the jetty and when we were looking up on the west island part, we saw the ferry. It means we will go back soon. Then on the way to West Island, we saw dolphins playing around the ferry. Lucky that I got the picture of the dolphin! What a wonderful creature!


Hopefully, you guys haven’t read a post about direction island that I have posted here before. So, you can see better images in this post. I knew that reading old post is a bit tiring. That is why I decided to re-post about Direction Island.



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  1. sounds and looks so beautiful xx

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  2. It seems like a dream, this island! Amazing!

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  3. The island looks beautiful, Safira. It looks like you had a great time. Thanks for following my blog Traveling and Blogging. Your blog looks very inviting. I love your gorgeous photos. Don’t feel bad about inserting a link to a previous post. It keeps people on your blog longer.

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  4. Well , just spectacular!

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  5. Wow, looks so beautiful. Jealous!!!

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  6. Wow, this place looks beautiful!

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  7. So pretty! Wish I were there!!!

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