Mataram Ditch, The Witness of The King’s Care And Kindness

Mataram Ditch or what people often called with Selokan Mataram in Yogyakarta is one of the witness of history and the kindness of the king. At the colonization era, Yogyakarta has a big suffering especially for the food to eat daily.

Selokan K

Selokan JSelokan GSelokan HSelokan F

The king started to think an idea that can save his people. The dutch was forcing people to work very hard without thinking of their food and energy. We call it with Rodi. The king was very sad about this, so he tried to figure out something. Then he came up with an idea to give command for the people to build a ditch along the Yogyakarta area from East of Kulon Progo to Prambanan area. The ditch will be very helpful for the irrigation as Yogyakarta is known as a dried land at that time. The farmers have the difficulty to irrigate their fields before the ditch was built.

Selokan ESelokan CSelokan DSelokan LSelokan M

The idea is working well and the farmers could plants such as rice not only cassava. People could still have food although they’re still living under the colonialism. Until now, the ditch is still there but unfortunately, maybe only some people who realize about this history and how important Selokan Mataram is.

Selokan ASelokan OSelokan Pseyegansungai progohulu AAlat filter air

Many people don’t care about the ditch and they threw the rubbish into the ditch. What a shame! But then, I’m very glad to know that there are some groups who have brilliant ideas. They came from colleges in Yogyakarta, they’re cleaning the ditch by using lifeboat. So, they took the rubbish and cleaned it. Awesome! If I have time to join in your activity, I would be very happy to do it. Thank you guys for cleaning the witness of prosperity and part of our history!!!

These photos in this post were taken by my photographer friend, Sigit from Yogyakarta.



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  1. This is fascinating! I always look learn from your blog!

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  2. I didn’t know about this story. Thanks for enlightening us! šŸ˜Ž

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  3. lovely piece and great pictures. It’s a story worth sharing and you always do a great job of sharing stories. Loved it.

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  4. Thanks for sharing this. I learned from here.

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