Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan Temple

Last month, I got pictures of Ramayana Ballet Dance Performance at Prambanan Temple. My friend is working in the TWC (Taman Wisata Candi) management. So, I am sorry that I didn’t put any watermark on the pictures but I’ve told you that these are pictures from the TWC photographers that my friend who works in TWC gave them to me. I am interested in writing this because I want to show you the other arts and Hindu history in Indonesia. Please enjoy the story and photo of my friends who did the ballet dancing.

The hermit

A story of Ramayana is adapted from Indian folks which become Indonesian famous legend and it is performed in a ballet dance. The characters of Javanese dance which is always moving gently along with the Javanese rhythm in attractive costumes and also the stunning Prambanan Temple as the background of the performance makes this tourist attraction should belong to your list to do when visit Yogyakarta.

Rama and Shinta in romance
Rama and Shinta also the loyal Lesmana

The king Rama who married to Shinta were in romance. Before Rahwana the cruel giant came to kidnap Shinta, the legend couple in Ramayana story was living happily in a kingdom with their beloved brother of Rama, Lesmana who is always loyal to his brother.

Giant Rahwana and the troop
Rahwana changes his troop into a beautiful deer
Shinta loves the deer

Meanwhile, Rahwana has belief that Shinta is the body of Princess Widowati whom he really loves and want to marry with. One day, Rahwana tried to attract Rama with a deer so he can kidnap Princess Shinta. The deer is actually one of the troops of Rahwana who is changed into a beautiful elegant deer.

Rama hunts the deer
Shinta is kidnapped by Rahwana

Shinta really loves the deer as the deer has a beautiful look and Rama wants to hunt the deer for her beloved wife. While Rama was busy hunting the deer, Princess Shinta is kidnapped by Rahwana and bring her to his palace.

Jatayu saw shinta
Jatayu fights the Giant Rahwana
Jatayu failed


Heading to Alengka or Rahwana’s palace, they meet Jatayu an eagle that is friend of Shinta’s father. He fought Rahwana to get Princess Shinta from him but unfortunately he lose.

The deer is changed into a giant
Rama fights the giant

Meanwhile, Rama succeed to hunt the deer but the deer changed into a giant and he fought with the giant. After finished fighting the giant, Lesmana who had duty to keep Princess Shinta was asked by worry Shinta to look for Rama and finally he found Rama. Then they found that Shinta was not in her place. They got information from Jatayu that Shinta was kidnapped by Giant Rahwana.

Rama and Lesmana meet Hanuman (white monkey)
Hanuman is heading to Alengka

Rama and Lesmana decided to go to Rahwana’s palace. On the way to Alengka, they met a white monkey called Hanuman who were looking for a knight to help his uncle Sugriwa to fight his cruel brother Subali. Rama helped them and also told Hanuman about his wife, then Sugriwa asked Hanuman to help Rama.

Hanuman meets Shinta in Alengka

Hanuman went to Alengka to get to know where Shinta is living and what he can do to fight Rahwana. Shinta noticed that there was white monkey and Hanuman came to her explaining that Rama asked him to pick her up.

Hanuman fights the brother of Rahwana


Hanuman caught by the brother of Rahwana and they wanted to punish Hanuman by burning him. He succeed to escape himself then he got back to Rama and told him what happened.

Rama fights Rahwana

Then, they went to Alengka and fought Rahwana and his soldiers. Rahwana died because of Rama’s the powerful weapon. Rama succeed to fight the cruel giant who has been kidnapping his wife.

Rama meets Shinta again

Finally, Rama wanted to meet Princess Shinta but he is regret that Shinta is still in holy condition. Then Princess Shinta put herself into the fire to prove that she is still holy and has not had sex with Rahwana. Shinta is still alive because of she told the truth and fire god helped her. Then Rama and Shinta is getting back to their kingdom.

Giant Rahwana
The deer

The performance of Ramayana Ballet can be seen at Prambanan Temple where you can book the ticket first or you can go to the Temple directly. Rama and Shinta is the symbol of endless love in Ramayana story. That is why they are always put together in some decorations that you will see while you are visiting Yogyakarta.



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  1. Wow! Beautiful images!

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  2. Hello safira. Beautiful images and nice description too. 🙂 Just a small correction, if you don’t mind – Rama’s wife’s name is Sita. And Laxman or laxmana is his brother.

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  3. wow what a story. I like the moonlight.

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  4. These pictures are gorgeous, they bring the story alive. I only wish there was a video! Thank you for sharing, Safira!

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  5. What a fascinating story along with beautiful costumes and such a historical background! Thank you for sharing!

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  6. Extraordinary images!

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  7. Very well photographed. (Many years ago I did the same for Bharatnatyam version.)
    It seems the Indian version looks more symbolized in its action and the costume.
    Nevertheless it was a joy to discover Indonesian variety. Thanks for your great work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! It is the photographer in TWC who did it.
      That’s cool! In which figure?
      Yeah India must be expert is details as the story from the country.


      • In 70s, there was a Sanskrit Festival in the Southbank, intraducing many different style of Indian traditional dance performances. (So that it was not a full story of Ramayana but some part of episode, yet still it was an impressive demonstration of their culture and the tradition.) I think Indonesian costume and mask is more exaggerated as a caricature — yet Tibetan has even more extreme !)

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      • That must be wonderful!
        I’m always interested in art and culture festival.


  8. Wow! What beautiful pictures, fascinating and stunning! 🙂

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  9. I loved reading about the Indonesian version. And the dancers are truly talented – while fighting they actually look as if they are in the air. Fantastic post.

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  10. Dear friend,

    This actually also the reason why in India you celebrate “Diwali or Deepavali” it is based on this story. It is celebrated by Sikhs, Hindus and some special Buddhists as well. Really nice story. Thank you so much.

    All the best

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  11. Reblogged this on Still Another Writer's Blog and commented:
    There is at least one short story hidden here, if not an entire novel.

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  12. Now I remember I did visit more places in Indonesia than Jakarta, Bandung and Manado. We used to holiday frequently on Bataam Island when I lived in Singapore, and also visited Bali for conventions. I did see this ceremonial dance when visiting Bali. It was interesting to me because I lived in India for 20 years.

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  13. These dancers have excellent precision in their movements and poses. Very impressive!

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  14. Beautiful post, very impressive images!

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  15. I love these dances. Thank you for sharing such beautiful information and pictures

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