My Postcards Collection

It was about 3 or 4 years ago, I was active joining Post crossing. I joined in a website called It is interesting website for you who love sending and receiving postcards from random people and country. I love collecting the postcards. I got about 50 postcards from different countries. Sometimes, my friends sent me postcards also from the countries they live or they go.

A traditional shoes postcard from Holland
Heap of postcards
a postcard from my friend in Austria

At the first time I joined Postcrossing, I got two postcards at the same time from China and America. The one from China has a traditional ceremony as the picture and the one from America has a baby and a dog as the picture. I was very happy when I received them.

The first postcards that I have

I often opening the mailbox and sometimes I would get the postcards in it. I will be very excited to read the short message behind it. That’s what make the postcard more meaningful. Sometimes the sender will provide you a special or unique stamp also.

My postcards

I have the best postcard 3D postcard from Netherlands. Then @dokterjalanjalan also sent me a 3D postcard from Christmas Island with crabs dancing in it.

3D postcard from Netherlands
3D Crab Postcard

I got postcards from my friends. So, she made the postcards for charity events. Then I bought some then I spread them to my friends but I still keep the rest with me. She is very talented in drawing. She is always doing campaign for children and education also our nation. I’m juts curious that she sent me the postcards in the handmade envelopes with the Indonesian football player who is Indonesian and Dutch parents.

Handmade postcards from my friend

For the best postcard that I bought, I really love the one from Japan and also the Shadow puppet postcard from Indonesia.

My favorite postcard from Japan
My favorite postcard from Japan
A postcard from Japan with story book
Postcard from Yogyakarta with a shadow puppet

It was a long time I did not join the website anymore. Hopefully when I will stay in one place, I can continue one of my hobbies. Let’s swap postcards with me if you are interested in collecting postcards. I can send you Indonesian postcards. ^_^



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  1. Interesting postcards!

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  2. hat’s an interesting collection of cards that you have.

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  3. Thats pretty cool. Never heard of that site before. Will definitely check it out.

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  4. So cool and interesting! I have a few letters from penpals but not many postcards!

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  5. Aku pnya yg 3D dr jepang….ah tp masih dikit bgt

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  6. This is such a cute idea πŸ˜€
    I might check out this site you mentioned πŸ™‚

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  7. Postcards are definitely much better than getting spam or bills in the mail. It’s such a cute idea.

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  8. Hi Safia, thanks for following my blog. I am following yours now too. I really found this first post to be really interesting. I would like to do that, maybe not so full time. I know I would not find such an interesting postcard as that one from Japan. That was really cool.
    When someone writes to you do they write in their native language? I have to go find a place that sells interesting postcards. Where I live in the US, this part does not have that much, and there’s not a lot of creativity. Maybe if I checked out some specialty shops I could find something unique.
    I really like the 3D ones. I have one from the moon landing in 1969. I didn’t know they still made those.
    Nice to meet you. My name is Kathy.

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    • Dear Kathy,

      Same to you! Thank you for enjoying this post. Yeah, postcrossing is fun and you have interesting cards from different countries that you can collect. Here in my place also difficult to find the creative ones for postcards because there are not so many people who are interested in postcards. So, they just made the normal ones with our icons as the picture but I will try to find it. Hopefully I can get the unique postcard from here. If you’re interested in sending postcards with me, I will be glad. You can send your address to my email: ^_^

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      • Thanks, I was at the store tonight looking for some, but they didn’t have them. You have to go to tourist areas, and unfortunately I am not close to any,but that would be good. I would like to do that. I will look around in some shops and boutiques that might have a selection.


  9. Thank you for stopping my blog.

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  10. I love postcards too but I am always the one who send them. The number of postcards I have sent is much more than the one I receive! I thought of using postcrossing before too but somehow I prefer to write to people I know. Maybe I should reconsider this service. πŸ™‚

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    • Sending postcards also good. I love to send postcards to my friends sometimes. I joined in Postcrossing because I’m curious with what kind of postcards and the writing from different people. The positive thing is that it makes me thinking many people are nice and friendly although they don’t know each other. πŸ™‚

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