Souvenir Time!

A bunch of crab magnets, isn’t that tempting?

Unfortunately, I didn’t buy one of them. I bought some water balls as I love to collect water balls or snow balls. Later, when I’m in my hometown I will show my collection.


Then I bought crab toys for my nieces, at least I bring something. I’m a bit confused to buy something because actually my Indonesian families or friends loves food. I did not have idea what kind of food that I want to buy. I bought Australian Pie but I only buy them for my best friend as she told me she wanna try it.


I bought some magnetic signs that I can put on fridge as a souvenir that I’ve been from Christmas Island and to remind me of great time there. That’s it! that what I bought.


It is interesting to visit the gift shops or visitor center here. You will see many things about red crabs. I have a red crab doll at home from @dokterjalanjalan. I saw an interesting green turtle doll with cute eyes but I was thinking, no ones love doll anymore both my families and friends.


The Water Ball Crab is my favorite!



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  1. You have a beautiful blog!!

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  2. wah suka ngumpulin souvenir2 kecil gitu ya? murah juga sih maksudnya ga bikin koper jadi berat, aku sih walau belum pernah ke luar negeri, tapi suka ngumpulin kartu pos. kadang dapat cuma2 kadang karena menang kuis gitu…

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  3. I’ve always wanted to visit Christmas Island. Love your souvenirs! I have a big Florida collection.

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