Visiting Christmas Island Museum

“Why the name of this island is Christmas? Is it because of the crab migration which made the island looks red on December?”

Friend answered, “Well… no… it’s because this island was founded on Christmas time, but that’s good idea”.

I didn’t read much about Christmas Island on the internet, so I only heard about it from @dokterjalanjalan. Then today, my friend Kathy took me visiting the Museum. It’s actually interesting to see the museum building as it is the first house in this island. It has the history of multicultural ethnics here Chinese, Malay, and Australian.

Taijin House

There are so many pictures and interesting information that you see at the museum. As always one thing that attracts me is the crab. So, the museum is on the second floor so I meet a nice lady who works at the museum. The first thing that I saw at the second floor was the red crab replica. It looks interesting because it looks real!


Then, I went to the verandah and this house or museum has amazing view. I’m not wondered why @dokterjalanjalan always said “this house has the best view on the island. Unfortunately, it was cloudy because usually it was very beautiful on the sunny day where you will see blue sky and nice blue water plus sunset. But you can still see the Golden Bosun birds flying around. Then I went to look around the stuff at the museum.

View 1
View 2

I watched short videos also in the movie room at the museum. That is interesting to watch the detail about Christmas nature and phosphate mining site. I’ve enjoyed the museum as I’m always interested in history of culture in a new place. I saw people use the rubbish and debris from the beach to make an interesting art and also interesting multicultural stuff such as the traditional Malay boy clothes with the traditional Chinese boy clothes. I saw the cards that were used when the casino still exist. Christmas Island is also the best place for diving spot where you can see Whale shark sometimes.

For Lion dance, where in Indonesia we call it Barong Sai
Art from debris
Traditional clothes
Cards from the old casino
Whale shark

Thank you my friend, Kathy for taking me to this interesting place. I’m glad that I had an experience to visit a museum and to know more about the history and culture. Hopefully, the first floor will be built as a nice lounge, cafe or restaurant and there will be a sign to inform people that there is an interesting museum on the island.



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  1. Awesome pictures and such a beautiful place.

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  2. Thanks for telling the story. Lots of people were missing their tooth brushes and flip flops.


  3. Thanks for sharing. I have never really read very much about Christmas Island, though I have heard of it.

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  4. What an interesting place. It is one of the places in the world I haven’t visited. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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