Interesting Handmade Chocolate Flavors

Before Easter, @dokterjalanjalan prepared to buy some chocolates for his friends at the hospital. So, we did hunting chocolate not only in Brisbane but also in Indonesia. We bought the Easter egg chocolates in Brissy and we bought some other chocolates in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Actually, there is a famous handmade chocolate in Yogyakarta but then we found the other handmade chocolate with some interesting flavors such as Wedang Ronde (a hot ginger with balls that are made from rice flour also nuts), Wedang Uwuh (herbs drink), Wedang Bajigur (drink contains herbs), Kayu Manis (cinnamon), cengkeh (clove bud), Mint, Cabai (chilli), and some Indonesian coffees. The chocolates have Javanese Traditional drinks as flavors, so we bought them. The tastes also the same with the real ingredients. These chocolates have good education for kids also, so they can see the character and the name on the package such as Gatot Kaca, Wisanggeni where you might be seeing them on Shadow Puppet Show.


I chose the one with Balinese dance on it. As always something about Bali. So, I chose not because of the flavors but the picture. I’ve tasted some of them, so I don’t need to worry about the others. Ha Ha Ha



Actually I want to have two of them, but I know that those chocolates were not for me. I picked the Javanese coffee with a Javanese dancer on it. I took pictures of the Javanese dancer and Balinese dancer on the chocolate package. Well, the taste of the coffee is interesting also because we can find sprinkles of the nice coffee inside it.


Well, that was a story about handmade chocolate!



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  1. I just wanted you to know that I nominated you for the sunshine blogger award in yesterday’s post! ☺️

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  2. I could go for some chocolate right now.

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  3. Wow! M an all-time chocolate fan!!😍

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