Traditional Snacks from Yogyakarta

Few months ago, I joined in a community called and at the first seminar that I attend, I learned about Traditional Snacks and food photography workshop. I learned how to take a good picture for food as I am still learning about photography. In this post, I will tell not tell about my photography result but I will only show you the pictures. I prefer to tell you about the traditional snacks from Yogyakarta.

Learning food photography

If you visit Yogyakarta, you should try some of these traditional snacks. Some of the snacks that I will tell you are called Kipo, Lapis, Mata Kebo, Semar Mendem, and Kue Lumpur.

Traditional snacks

First, I will start from Kipo. I know that the shape seems not interesting but the taste is nice with the sweet brown sugar and it is made from rice flour. The name of Kipo is from the King in Java. So, this snack is usually served with a cup of tea for Java King’s snack in the morning. Then the king asked in Javanese, “Iki opo?” which means “What is this?” After that the name of the snack become Kipo the abbreviation of “iKi oPo”.


Next is Kue Lapis which has beautiful colors in it. It’s kind of cake that is made from rice flour also and it looks like a pudding but it is not pudding. The taste is sweet and sometimes you got banana or chocolate flavor in it. Lapis means layers as the snack has layers of color in it.

There is Lapis cake

The next snack is Mata Kebo (Buffalo’s eyes). The shape is round and it has grated coconut mix with brown sugar in it. The skin is made from rice flour. The name of Mata Kebo is derived from the shape of the snack that looks like buffalo’s eyes. It has different name in other places in Indonesia.

Mata Kebo

This one if the beautiful snack and the one that I think it has too much effort. It’s called with Semar Mendem which the skin is made from the flour and egg. It contains sticky rice which has savory taste. Sometimes it has sweet cream inside it. See how much effort in the snack. It has some pieces of straws not only for decoration but for tying the bamboo. The snack is grilled a little bit just for the taste and also decoration. If I am not mistaken, this snack is King’s favorite.

Semar Mendem

The last is Kue Lumpur (Mud cake) which is made from rice flour and sugar as well as coconut milk. It has very smooth texture and that is why this snack is called with Kue Lumpur. It has smooth and soft texture like mud. It is tasty and I am sure you will love it.

Kue Lumpur

Ouh one more snack! It is called Jadah Tempe or Java burger. It consists of Tempe from soybean which is cooked with brown sugar and the other part is Jadah made from sticky rice. They are tasty and it is one of the snacks that you must try if you visit Mount Merapi because the popular place is on the way to Mount Merapi. If you go by hiking, try to drink the traditional nice beverage called dawet. It contains brown sugar, coconut milk, and also cendol made from rice flour.

Java Burger or Jadah Tempe
Jadah Tempe and Dawet Ice

If you visit Yogyakarta, try to get these snacks in traditional markets but sometimes you will find them in Hotel also.



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  1. Great ideas! Thank you for sharing!!


  2. awesome!
    suddenly I really miss Jogjaaaa

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  3. My mouth is now watering!!! I need to have some of these snacks!

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  4. They all look so unusual and beautiful. I’d love to try them all!

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  5. Interesting looking snacks and commentary.

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  6. jafa Burger is a nice temple-tower


  7. I love this post! Foods I have never heard of but would love to try. Also so great food photograpghy!

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  8. Fascinating food – so different from what we see here in America. Thanks for the follow!

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  9. Safire, Your posts are quite informative and illustrations very supportive, indeed.

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