Wae Rebo, A Very Unique Traditional Village

I was thinking to re write the story about teaching and visiting Wae Rebo Village in Flores. I have written Wae Rebo in Bahasa Indonesia and I’m posting one in English now. I want to show you how unique and beautiful Wae Rebo village.

Welcome to Wae Rebo
We are arrived

We stayed at Labuhan Bajo which is about 7 hours from Wae Rebo by motorbike and the main road. We got information from the internet that tells the journey to Wae Rebo will take 3 hours. Well, we were too confident with the information that we got from the internet. So, we woke up a bit late and then we headed to Wae Rebo at 10 O’clock in the morning. We were already about 3 hours, and we decided to take a rest and bought some oranges from the kids on the side of the road. We asked how long it takes to visit Wae Rebo. They explained that we just need to find the sign or picture of Wae Rebo and following the road. It will take 3 hours.

Talking with the boy

We saw the sign! Before we following the road, we bought petrol first at one of the warungs there. It’s the only one warung at the area actually. So, we following the road and it’s a small road where we faced trucks and cars sometimes. We passed some villages and forest. Even we asked in one of the villages, “Where is Wae Rebo?” They said 3-4 hours more. @dokterjalanjalan was a bit shocked, “3 hours more? we have already 5 hours on the road. so, we continue again until we were very tired and we stopped on the road near a small river. We met some local girls and we did joking there. Then we continued again for almost 3 hours and finally we arrived. It’s not Wae Rebo yet, we arrived at the Restaurant and Lodge that Wae Rebo people take care of it.

The road
a small river
Local kids
Give me five!
Wae Rebo Lodge and Restaurant
Visiting the bedroom

It’s already evening, so we decided to stay at the Lodge and then continue our journey in the early morning. We got nice dinner and we paid about US $25 for staying and free dinner. We got a guide also who will show us the road to Wae Rebo. We leaved about 5 am and then arrived Wae Rebo about 8.30 am. We just took sometimes to relax, so it should be faster than that. We visited the ancestor house or the main house first to get allowance. Then we played with kids. It was Sunday, so the kids are in holiday. We could play with them. @dokterjalanjalan played football or bola with them and I did teaching and singing with them. You can check the video in the link. They asked me some words in Bahasa then wanted me to translate in English. After writing three words, the girl said to me in Bahasa, “Ibu Berhenti (Mom, stop!). She run into the house and came back quickly with a book and a pen. She wrote everything that I said. Even she asked me to draw the words such as plane, house, people, and animal.

The village has sea, rice field, and hill
Girls at Lodge
We looked for grasshopper
Otw to Wae Rebo
at the main house
Playing bola
Playing bola
Wae Rebo houses and drying coffee seeds
Singing together
Giving attention
Taking pictures
Robber competition

After that, we were greeted well with a very nice lunch. I really enjoy eating the lunch and they offered us coffee, a product original from Wae Rebo. They are very kind and I was happy to listen that they consider us as their family. A part of family that hasn’t known the way to go home. That’s sweet. The house is also unique, it has meaning Mom. So, Each part of the houses contain meaning such as pregnancy, the age of pregnancy.

Wae Rebo Coffee
A ceremony
Guests’ room

It’s already 12 O’clock, we decided to come back. We met some people and kids who brought a sack of coffee seeds on their heads. So, the parents took their kids to go back to the school. Usually, kids will go home once a week in Saturday after school then came back again to the school on Sunday afternoon. Waow! They are very enthusiastic in getting education. I’m very proud of them.

In line
bringing coffee to sell

Then we arrived at the Lodge about 3 pm and we headed to Labuhan Bajo soon but we tried different way so it would not take 3 hours plus plus. It took 5 hours on the way back to Labuhan Bajo with the other road but the road was very bad. I need to walk a bit because it was a road with full of stones. We were afraid that it would make tires getting flat. We saw a very beautiful view on the way back but unfortunately, I didn’t take picture because my camera battery run out. I’m very happy to have the experience in visiting one of the unique traditional villages in Indonesia.



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  1. So interesting, wish I had been there with you!!


  2. I could feel unpolluted people, environment, etc.

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  3. Wonderful photos, and I love all the information. Great reading here.

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  4. Does the word bola mean ‘ball’ in English? Because in Filipino, bola also means ball. If it is, I find it interesting how semantically the same some word/s in our languages are. 🙂

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  5. Salam Safira! Such wonderful photos of Flores… I hope to get there while living in Indonesia; it’s so close, but feels so far away. What a lovely village with fascinating architecture. Thanks for visiting my blog and for introducing me to yours! I hope you enjoy the rest of your travels.

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  6. Natalie Vinh 6 May 2017 — 1:27 am

    Sounds like such a beautiful village! I loved your pictures!

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  7. Your photos are great! It sounds like you had a wonderful experience!

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  8. Müthiş! Bir okadar da etkileyeci. .


  9. I love all your images! Especially the ones of the children learning! What a beautiful blog you have. 🙂

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  10. Thank you for showing this wonderful village

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  11. Çok hoş ve etkileyici..


  12. It loks Idyllic! Very different to my world though. Thanks for showing it to the world 🙂


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  13. Dear Safira,
    thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures!

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  14. Beautiful place and people. Good work!

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  15. The kids are great! 🙂 🙂

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