Collecting Sunset in 2 weeks

Sorry that I did not post something yesterday. I was busy assisting and editing documents for applying dance festival. I’m glad that it was sunny day yesterday. So, I took a break little bit to walk to a nice little spot near the doctor’s house.

I took some pictures of beautiful orange sunset that you will love it. I’m still having 2 weeks here before leaving to Indonesia. So, I tried to capture some beauty landscapes that I might find. A bit sad that I will leave, but I’m also missing some family, friends, and my favorite food in Indonesia.

I hope you will not get bored with some sunset that I will post next time. Sunset is the best view that I love here and then the red crabs, green forest, and beaches. Hopefully I can visit Christmas Island again someday. I really want to see crabs migration. So, I will not tell you more but here are some pictures of sunset that you can enjoy.

sunset 1
Sunset 2


Sunset 3
Sunset 4
Sunset 5
Sunset 6
Sunset 7
Sunset 8


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  1. Please follow back😊

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  2. it looks so warm!

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  3. Lovely pics 🙂

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  4. Looks like a very quiet place. It’s beautiful but somehow a little bit creepy for me.

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  5. I like #8 the best, for the color on the water and clouds.

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  6. Wow these pictures are perfect! I love sunset photos!

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  7. Wow ….. beautiful 🙃💝🌹

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  8. Stunning pictures! I have yet to see this type of scenery in real life 🙂 I don’t see it often enough!

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  9. Wow such a beautiful place, I think I would miss it too with that incredible sunset! Thanks for stopping by my Orchha Jewels WordPress 🙂

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  10. The pictures sunset 2,5 and 8 are very great!

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  11. Lovely pictures! Sunsets are so beautiful and inspiring.

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  12. Thank you for visiting I am enjoying your blog, too. Stunning photos!

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  13. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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  14. Amazing pictures!
    ciao from Italy

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