This Is What You Need, A Sunny Day!

Walking around the beach and enjoying the ambience, who doesn’t love that? This is what I need when I am tired of typing and submitting works. I love to see the beach or at least you go outside to see green around. It is a good medicine for your tiring day.

A nice sunny day
Oops! look at that!

I saw a beautiful sky’s reflection on the water. I got blue sky, white clouds, friendly sun, green leaves. Then, I walked along the beach and I found gems. Ha Ha Ha

mirror - Copy
Beautiful reflection
hand - Copy

They are not gems actually. So, I found this beautiful glasses of maybe bottle of beers. They are beautiful shaped, aren’t they? They have different colors also. I took this stones of glasses at home. I’m thinking what can I do with these? I think I can make something from them. I tried to draw a heart by these glass stones. Do you have any idea?

Blurry - Copy
glass gems in the water
glasses - Copy
glass gems
glass gems
heart - Copy
a heart

Well, see? Sunny day makes you feel alive and feel better. Even it turns on my mind to think of something. It’s kind of a vitamin that we need.



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  1. Beautiful photos and advice.

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  2. Gorgeous–and it makes me miss the beach. Fortunately, I’m coastbound in another week. Inland, I have to make do with my garden–another beautiful, green happy place. I just posted about it today:

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  3. Beautiful gems! That looks like a lovely beach you’re at. I agree that a little sunshine makes everything better 🙂


  4. I also visit beach and walk around to remove the tiredness of my day especially if I am so busy with my paper works in school. It is my way of making myself relax.

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  5. Wow, beautiful! Love the photos!

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  6. What a lovely post with matching photos.

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  7. Wonderful pictures 🙂

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