Hello Red Crab!

This is one of the icons in Christmas Island. You can find the red crabs everywhere. I really want to see the red crab migration but not sure if I would be here. At least, I can meet them now. When you are walking, you will see them almost in every side of the road. Even at home, you can find a baby crab. If you see them, you can help to take them back outside to continue the journey.

Eating the grass
Baby crab

There are robber crabs, red crabs and ghost crabs here. The most common crab that you will meet is the red crab. I like to see them eating the grass. Good! they’re vegetarian. I hate to drive when the crabs are in the middle of the road, because I don’t want to hit them. When they are eating, you can be so close to them. If they are not eating, they will run quickly to avoid you.

Ghost crab
Ghost crab
feet to face
Hello Red crab!

If you look at their face, they look like angry all the time. It is interesting to look at them. I love to say hello red crab when I meet them in my walking days.



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  1. Rote Krabben, interessant. Ich kenne diese Tiere nicht, es gibt sie bei uns in der Schweiz nicht. Grüsse Ernst

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  2. Hello red crab! You’re such a pretty colour 🙂

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