Happy World Dance Day!

It was 5 years ago, I started introducing myself to a dance. As long as you want to do it, there is no word ‘late’ for it. I did learning some Indonesian traditional dances. Then 2 years ago, I was accidentally involved in a group called Paradance in Yogyakarta. For the first time, I did know what is actually Paradance. I just knew that it is a group of dancers, but then the founders introduced us what is it about through involving ourselves in the event. Ourselves here means 7 members who were recruited in a project that Paradance wants to make.

Paradance performer
Yuhuuu… My teacher is performing
Bravo teacher!!!
My lovely teacher
Nice performance

So, the project is more about contemporary dance and the theme is taken from a daily life topic, hospitality. We did learning a lot about dances even from the Paradance we knew that so many talented dancers in Yogyakarta. Waow! That is cool! I feel like I found something that I love. Watching dances, dancing, and also learning about the process in creating dances and many more. Even, I am interested in becoming a photographer for dance performance. It was very interesting for me as you need to find the right event from the performance and also you need to capture the attractive movements. I met some great photographers friends also in some dancing events.

Her skill
Beautiful you guys…
Hello teacher!
That’s interesting
Nice to watch
It is kind of a play

Yogyakarta, a city which is full of art. Art lovers must be spoiled well here. Even there are hundreds free events that you can attend. Lucky that it is also close to Solo or Surakarta about 2 hours from Yogyakarta. It is also called with a spirit of Java where you can find so many traditional art and culture. Sometimes this city has some big events such as Solo 24 Jam Menari (Dancing for 24 hours in Solo), SIPA (Solo International Performing Arts), Batik Carnival, and many other wonderful events.

This is also in Paradance
One of the dancers
My teacher is the left

Today is world dance day. There must be big events in both Yogyakarta and Solo (Surakarta). My friends must be busy doing some performances and attending the events. Happy World Dance Day for all of great and talented dancers!!!!!



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  1. IT IS INDESCRIBABLY GOOD! every culture rooted in dance. very nice!!!!

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  3. Such vibrant colours here – and impossible positions πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for the follow of my blog. I wish you well in your blogging journey !

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  4. Wow. That’s nice to know. I wish you to continue your journey and explore more. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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