I Am Editing A Video About Daniel LaRue Inside Out

A month ago, when I was not in Christmas Island yet. @dokterjalanjalan went to explore a cave with his friends. They went to a place called Daniel LaRue Inside Out. It is very interesting to watch the video of a day they spent to explore Daniel LaRue Inside Out. They made almost 10 videos with duration about 1 minute for each video. Terry, one of @dokterjalanjalan’s friends told Matt that it would be good if the video can be combined into one video. Then, Matt pointed me “Safira can do it!”. Waow… That’s kind of honor and you’re very enthusiastic to mention me @dokterjalanjalan. Then I will do it!

It’s started by transferring the videos via USB. I was a bit doubt with my software in my laptop. Then I tried to download iMovie but I don’t want to buy it. It is recommended software for editing video. Because I didn’t buy it, so the watermark appears in almost every minutes. So, I decided to use some software in my laptop but they’re not good. Then I remember that I have Movie Maker in my windows laptop. So, I use it!

I combined all of the videos, it has duration about 15 minutes. Then I tried to cut some parts of each videos and it became 11.45 minutes. I tried to find the tools to make the transition run smoothly. I forgot how I did that but it works, it is smoothly changed. Then I put some credits also in the video. The last part, I put some soundtracks. I chose Red Hot Chilli Peppers-Scar Tissue as @dokterjalanjalan loves this song. So do I! But I picked this song because it has nice music and then I chose Summer Paradise by Simple Plan Ft. Sean Paul. I love the video! I’m not good in editing the music in the video. I edited the video all day and I was happy that I could work with the video editor although I am still amateur. Ha Ha

I have showed the video to @dokterjalanjalan’s friend at his house. We had premier movie of Daniel LaRue Inside Out together. I’ve also uploaded the video in my youtube channel which I shared the link along with this post.

Here are some snapshots from the video so you can enjoy some wonderful experiences in exploring Daniel LaRue Inside Out in Christmas Island.

view from the cave
the light from outside
almost out
from cave 2
friends swimming
from cave3
enjoying the water
from cave
from the cave
@dokterjalanjalan and friend
clear water
Clear water
big fish
hello from the other side
Hello from the other side!
Black Trevally
Terry and fish
Big fish
Giant Trevally
shark and fish
Swimming around
Matt swimming
@dokterjalanjalan looking at the fish
man and fish
Swimming with the fish
Looking at fish
Garry and fish
tried to touch
Touching the fish
Touching fish
fish and shark
Shark between the trevally


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  1. Stunning pictures!
    Thank you for following Miss McGarr’s 1990 Diary, enjoy the daily entries!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The shark photo sent a shiver down my spine, as there’s something about sharks and periods in my last post.I won’t say any more…


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