Look! I Am Wearing Beautiful Costume

I am not a professional dancer but I do love dances especially traditional dances. My dad told me that since I was a kid, I love to ask someone or women who were wearing traditional dress in Java to take me with them. So that’s easy for people who wants to kidnap me at that time then. Here, we will talk about beautiful costume in Indonesian dances.


We got more than 3000 different dances from Indonesia. I always respect to people who want to preserve our art tradition and culture. If we are not the one who preserve, then who will preserve the art tradition and culture? I am not a fanatic person about art or culture because I am not the expert also in this field. But I am just trying to respect to the ancestors who have created all the beautiful elegant dances from the movements until the costumes. How could they create such an amazing ideas during that time?


In this pictures, I did creation dance mix between Central Java and West Java. It is beautiful to see and the costume looks like people in Javanese wedding costume. I am just wondered how the ancestors had ideas of using the flowers, all the hair accessories, then wearing combination of fabric for the body.


Actually for some accessories, they got meaning. What makes me amazed is the way the ancestors found it at the first time. There were no internet before. This is something unique and deserve to get respect. I will be happy to dance in Indonesian Traditional Dances as my respect to the traditional art. Anyway, Art is always beautiful.




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  1. my goodness! utterly beautiful. 🙂

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  2. You guys look amazing 🙂

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  3. Lovely images. I imagine the dancing is, too.

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  4. pantesan, posenya kok sedikit aneh, semacam pose khas tarian jabar, oalah ternyata ini kombinasi ya antara jateng dan jabar gitu

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  5. The costume looks beautiful and so do you 💛💛

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  6. lovely post and beautiful photographs

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  7. Very pretty and graceful.

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  8. Beautiful

    Kind regards,

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  9. This looks amazing, and such beautiful costumes & make-up! ♥

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  10. In my understanding, Bali culture related to Hindy, but rest of your country is Moslem.
    So, what the Javanese dance looks like ? (Is the music sound like Gamlan ?)

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    • Yeah, Hindu is the first religion in Indonesia. That is interesting that Bali still hold it and for Java, there are many moeslim. The dance use Javanese gamelan as music and sometimes it’s still danced based on Hindu story. It is very interesting.


      • Very interesting. So, Indonesian Moslem is quite tolerant to accommodates to play or dance idol (such as a devine figure). Thank you to educate me.

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      • No worries at all.
        Well, yes we can say this is the interesting part of Indonesia. A multicultural country which the people can tolerate each other so not only moslem who did tolerance but also all the religion. Even most of my friends who did dancing are moslem. For many people, they will see art and education as something we need to respect without seeing what is the background of religion or ethnic in it.


      • Thank you. I’m grad to hear.

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  11. Lovely story and wonderful photography.

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  12. Nice! You looked awesome !

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  13. All of you are beautiful!

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  14. Oh, such breath-taking costumes! Thanks for sharing. And, thanks for following my blog.

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  15. Hello Safira,
    I just visited your blog and have found much to admire in it. Your pictures show a wonderful diversity of beauty, both natural and personal. Thank you for sharing all this….. pjb


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