Ada Lee, Where are you?

I met Ada from a site called Couchsurfing. I invited her to stay at my place, and there were so many people in Yogyakarta who sent her invitation. Then She told me the reason why she chose me. She said that I have the same age with her and she feel that we have the same interests.

She arrived in Yogyakarta in the afternoon and she took a public transportation called TransJogja from the airport. She arrived near my boarding house and I picked her up at the bus shelter. After waiting for almost 15 minutes, she arrived with a big black backpack.

I took her go around Yogyakarta city especially in the palace or Keraton area. I took her to do masangin (walking and pass the two sacred banyan trees in front of palace). She failed many times!!! But that’s fine, it was very wet around the banyan trees. If she passed it, she would bet wet by the puddle. I’ve told her that the Banyan Trees are sacred. Then she prayed in front of the Banyan Tree. Ouh my God!!! Ada…

Trying to pass the Banyan Trees
Praying 😀

She met a friend from China who was studying master in Yogyakarta. Then we had lunch together. The girl is my board house friend’s classmate. So, that’s funny to know how they meet and they talked each other in Mandarin. Maybe that’s the same also if I meet an Indonesian friend in another country.


She did going around by herself also, she visited some places while I was in the class. We After the class finished and she finished her tour, we met at a place near my uni for lunch. I introduced her to some friends. She got surprise from her Indonesian friends whom she met while visiting Thailand. It’s good that Ada has a great time during her visit in Yogyakarta. I took her to my hometown also as I had to go back to my hometown every once a week. Before heading to my hometown, I took her to visit a temple that she wants to see near Prambanan temple.


Then we arrived at my home about 7 pm and I was a bit trauma of the thunder because it was very clear and close to me. It was heavy rain and windy, some trees were falling down on the road. Lucky, that we arrived at home safely.

In the morning, I took Ada to go swimming at water spring pool. We had fun there with couple of my best friends. We had lunch together and after that, we had to go back to Yogyakarta. She promised me to meet up someday and somwhere. Where are you now, Ada?

Washing hair in the river
having fun
she learns how to pose in front of camera
The girls are comparing hair color


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  1. That was a nice read, and I like the spring pool, looks really refreshing. Hope you see your friend again soon. Goodluck with that!

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  2. What beautiful photos and writing about your time with Ada! It seems like you and Ada had a great time. 🙂 It is so lovely to meet you. Thank you for following my blog, I am so glad that you did. Have a wonderful day. Blessings, Debbie


  3. I hope you will meet her again!! 🙂

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  4. I love the pictures. Those places look magical. I have never seen anything like them here in the US, where I live. The water looks so inviting.

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