I need to walk…

We need to do exercise in daily life. Usually I did yoga in the morning or in the afternoon, but then honestly I’m a bit lazy to do it. I did working out like plank for 2-3 minutes, sit up, some abs exercises because I’m avoiding a big tummy. It makes me feeling uncomfortable when I’m sitting. I didn’t do much exercise at home while I’m in Christmas. I don’t really like running, so I decided to walk.


I prepared some stuff before walking such as putting some money behind my phone case. I am not a person who loves to bring wallet or bag while I’m doing exercise. So, I use a bit pocket on my legging to hide my phone. So, I can listen to the music while I’m walking and I’m ready to buy drinks if I’m getting too thirsty.


So, I started walking from the gym where @dokterjalanjalan dropped me. Then I walked about 7 km from the gym, hospital, poon san temples, then walking down the hills, heading to the cove to see sunset and then back to home.


Before 200 meters from home, @dokterjalanjalan arrived with the car. He stopped and I jumped up in the car. Then I explained that I walked a bit far today. I felt so good after walking. I need to walk…



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  1. Yes! A morning walk definitely cheers me up and seeing the sunrise also gives a positive head start to the day šŸ™‚

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  2. Walking is the best, keep it up! Well done

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  3. Thanks for following my posts.
    I enjoy my walks at Buscot Park, UK- staves off arthritis pain.
    See you soon!

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  4. I need to walk I’ve gained a lot of weight in my stomach, but I am taking medications and older, so it’s harder to lose the pounds. I think you are in perfect shape.


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