Australian Meat Pie!

The first time I tried Australian Meat Pie when I was at Cocos (K) Island. I like this food and I put it into the list of my favorite food. It is nice and I love the taste of the meat mixed with the pastry. @dokterjalanjalan told me to try the best meat pie in Brisbane. I tried it almost 8 months after trying the meat pie in Cocos. I enjoyed the taste and I love to eat it with some vegetables.


Last time, I tried Yatala Meat Pie. It tastes so good and delicious. We bought the apple blackcurrant pie plus the chunky meat pie. Unfortunately, I didn’t put the chunky meat pie into the microwave, so it was cold after I took it from the fridge. I can feel that it was delicious and it was big pie!


If you are visiting Australia, don’t forget to try the meat pie!



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  1. Looks like a happy meal! πŸ™‚ πŸ’œ Jackie@KWH

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  2. I Am a vegetarian …..
    Kind regards,

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