Welcome to Christmas Island!

I feel so lucky this time! @dokterjalanjalan is working in Christmas Island at the moment so I can join to visit the other beautiful island in Australia. It is easier to take flight from Jakarta to Christmas, a direct flight which is only 50 minutes!!!!! The ticket price is about 350 US$. It is worth it if you will spend your time in Christmas Island in a week because the flight will be available in Saturday. But you can also catch Virgin Australia flight from Perth to Christmas on Tuesday.

A week will be enough for exploring this beautiful island. There are many interesting things that you can see here such as The Grotto (a pool in the cave), beautiful beaches, the Blow Holes, water fall, temples, Robber crabs, Red Crabs, Gosh Crabs, forest, museum, you can also do diving, snorkeling, BBQ and fishing.

robber crab
Robber Crab
red crab
Red Crab
The Blow Holes
Water Fall

In my 1st day at Christmas Island, @dokterjalanjalan took me to see many beaches and the other parts of this island. The same with the 2nd day, so in two days I did exploring a lot in this island. I did visiting some places that I haven’t seen after @dokterjalanjalan finished working. We stayed at a doctor’s house which has beach view. Of course many houses here have beach view which  very nice.

A Path to the Fishing Spot
Sunset view
Me with dancing pose and the sunset

@dokterjalanjalan showed me a nice little spot close to our place. It has stones to sit there which is nice to relax sometimes. Then we went to Lily beach and the places around there. We went to the left and we found a wood path that you can enjoy walking along the forest and look at some red crabs there. At the end of the path, there is a place where you can see the Casino that is already closed. It was the biggest casino in South East Asia.

A nice little spot
stones that you can sit
Lily beach
Boobie brown bird

Then we went to swim at the Grotto close to our place. We saw golf course on the way to the Grotto. It is very nice to swim in the Grotto.

The Grotto
Cave pool

We did snorkeling at Cove and end up at the jetty. We saw many locals and tourists did swimming there. Then we walked around the forest, finding spots to go fishing.

Cove view
Fishing near house


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  1. foto-fotonya bagus mbak


  2. sebenarnya cristmas island ini letaknya di selatan pulau jawa kalau ga salah hehehe


  3. My husband was in Christmas Island for the H and A bomb tests back in the 1950’s.

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  4. this looks beautiful!

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