Malindo Air’s First Flight Brisbane to Denpasar

Cost about 350 AUD per peson, we chose Malindo Air to go back to Indonesia. @dokterjalanjalan was very surprised that Lion Group fly to Brisbane, so we booked the flight. Then when we arrived at the checked-in counter, we saw people with Lion Group attributes and also a cake with 1st on top of it and also some lolly cakes. One of the guys asked us, “This is our first flight… Are you nervous with that?” Of course we said “not at all. We are fine. Good job!”


Then after checked-in we headed to boarding room and when we were on the line for checking ticket, we got lolly cake. I didn’t realize what kind of lolly cake that @dokterjalanjalan pick but we got the same lolly cakes. ha ha ha

Red Lolly cake

Then lucky us that we got our own empty seats, so we can sleep for 6 hours in the plane. I was sleeping about 2 hours and woke up for meals, watching movie, taking pictures then got back to sleep. LOL

Our seats

I am always good in sleeping on the public transport that is why I don’t want to take a bus in Indonesia. I will miss my destinations announcement even on the train I missed it once. What a silly! But it will never happen in the plane.

I thought there would be party or something special on the plane. But, it was just happened as usual. Well, but at least we got the lolly cake for dessert after our meal. Thank you Malindo.

See you next time Brissy…!!!

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  1. Amitié de France…


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