Story of me in Brisbane

Lucky me that @dokterjalanjalan has a base in Brisbane. It was great to visit couples of friends there. We went to visit them one by one. We were staying at @dokterjalanjalan’s dad who live in the beautiful hill area. I saw some wallabies there! at the backyard and also white cockatoos in front of the house. It was very cool to be so close with the animal.

Nice pose mate!
Feeding Cockatoos

I loved to visit the University of Queensland, @dokterjalanjalan’s uni. It is beautiful area for doing exercise. While he is playing basketball, I will go for running and walking around the university. I notice some buildings there and I memorize the location. Like the names of the college there and also a building. Hopefully I can study abroad someday! Getting master at one of the universities in Australia or another countries.

at University of Queensland
at Ferguson Smith Building

Well, we will not talk about my future but more about my time in Brissy. I visited some malls in Brisband. I found 4 clothes with only 22 AUD. Ha Ha Ha


I had a very nice lunch with @dokterjalanjalan’s dad at Indooropilly Mall food court. Then we had a very nice dinner at one of restaurants in South Bank. It was Indian restaurant with nice Samosa. I should not eat deep friend food but sometimes I need it for my tongue. It was very nice also when I did painting with @dokterjalanjalan’s dad. I painted my self in Balinese costume! The result is not too bad as I am only a beginner in painting not the same with @dokterjalanjalan who is an expert.

South Bank
South Bank River

We did visiting couples of friends also in his apartment, house around the town and also in New South Wales, Sightseeing at Byron Bay. I love to meet them with the family as I met them before in Indonesia without the wives and kids. Then in Brisbane, I met all the families. I was very happy to see them especially the lovely and cute kids.

Light house at Byron Bay

I visited Australia Zoo to see kangaroos and Koala! That’s my mission! Then I accompanied @dokterjalanjalan a lot to look for a house. The town is very nice with combination of towers and nice trees around. I love the weather in Brisbane as it is not too hot or too cold. There are not so many people both in the mall and in the city. I was shocked about the mall because it is close at 6 O’clock! because in Indonesia the malls are open from 10.00 until 22.00 and sometimes 23.00.

Two days before I leave, there was a big cyclone in north part of Queensland and it was raining a lot around Brisbane. There was flood in some creeks. Waow! So, not only Jakarta which has flood then. But, there was no rubbish. Although there was a flood, it doesn’t change my mind about Brisbane is a nice city with a nice weather.



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  1. seperti pernah dengar @dokterjalanjalan tapi lupa di mana, hehehe


  2. I think your painting was very good.


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