Cuddling A Baby Koala at Australia Zoo

Your visit in Australia is not complete without seeing Kangaroos and Koala plus Wombat for me. That is why you need to find a way how to see them. I really want to go to Australia Zoo to make an interaction with those wonderful creatures.

Australia Zoo is owned by Steve Irwin who was passed away. Sad about that as he is my dad’s favorite for the animal show in Teli. The name of the road is Steve Irwin Road! Waow! So, as I always we will get the maps and the first thing that we saw is crocodiles. Honestly, I am not too interested in crocodiles because for Indonesian it reminds me a movie with Buaya Putih (white crocodile) and it is a horror movie. So, the crocodile can change herself into a woman. If you meet any Indonesian, ask about the movie with mentioning Susana! They will know it!

Then we saw wombat!!! Ouhhh my… they are so funny… digging, making a hole for hidding himself. Some of them are sleeping inside the air conditioning room. Wombat is living in a very cold place like Tasmania. So glad to see you close Wombat! Finally I meet you. After that I went to the birds area. It was to be so close with them, even they are not afraid of being around human.



Next stop is Red Kangaroo! They are relaxing on the grass… under the trees, waow chilling out. I touched him! He is very fine even we haven’t known each other. LOL

Love to see them, I was very excited to be around them.


Red Roo

Then… Koala time!!! Ouuuh my… How sweet… sleeping on the trees… I really hope to cuddle them but there is not chance. I am bit sad, in the map said that there will be cuddling koala at 13.30 so we came back again but no cuddling. Then we continued to see the rest part of the place.


I saw Southeast Asia animal there but I am not too interested in them as I have that also in Indonesia. Ouh and we visited Bindi’s Island where I saw Red Panda! So adorable!

DSCN2597Bindi's islandTurtle

Then we saw cassowary, and some sleeping koalas there. They are very funny and cute! Sleeping while sitting on the branches. When we visited a building for food court and also near crocodiles stadium, we saw cuddling koala!!! Ouuhh my god! I run to the line! but we need to pay first, so I move into the other line. Then I have a chance to cuddle a baby koala. Mission has completed! I am ready to go home! hahaha

KasuariDSCN2607Sleepy KoalaDSCN2639Koala cuddle

@dokterjalanjalan was laughing as I was too excited but because we feel so hungry, we went to eat at the food court. Then on the way back, we feed kangaroos at the yard.


Love! Love! Love!



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  1. You fit right into that alligator’s mouth, Pre-history biology was meant for giants. Good one.

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  2. Awesome. Gotta be careful about those koalas I heard that most of them have diseases (probably just in the wild though)


  3. I haven’t really seen the zoo from the perspective of a visitor. I have only seen it on the TV show. I was really uncertain about its future after Steve died.


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