This is Our Most Different Holiday in Bali

After no good adventure in Labuhan Bajo, we moved straight in 3 days to Bali. We booked flights in the morning and we headed to Bali. It is hard for @dokterjalanjalan to stay in Bali as he does not love Bali. “Let’s make different adventure that we haven’t made before in Bali!”. Then we really had one! Please read this…

Art at the Airport

The first day we arrived in Bali Airport in the afternoon and it was raining. At least we are not in the sea. Then, we walked outside the Airport near the motor parking area, we walked down there as what we were used to do in Bali. We went there and rented a motorbike. For renting motorbike, that was not quick decision for @dokterjalanjalan as he really needs to makesure that we got best one for long adventure. We did bargain also from Rp.75.000 to Rp. 50.000 but it did not work and it got Rp. 60.000. That’s fine! We took the motorbike then!

We drove along the kuta beach and damn! it was windy and the sand was blown up. Then we had dinner in a nice restaurant around Jl. Batu Belig. We have booked a villa in Canggu with about US$50/ night. It has a sharing pool but it is quite nice as we have bath up in the bedroom. That is interesting! You can watch TV while doing bubble bath but unfortunately there was no bubble bath. We checked out in the morning and we had breakfast Balinese traditional food on the warung near villa. Then we continued our way to somewhere on the north part of Bali.

We saw some places that we haven’t seen before, then we saw terrace also in Tegalalang. We had a very nice lunch in a warung with terrace view. The nicest thing is that there were not so many tourists in the warung but the food is good.

Nice warung
This is delicious!


Then we cruised around again until we arrived in a small village where we found an accident. Balineses standing around the person who got accident. @dokterjalanjalan talked to me, “Is it bule? Maybe It’s Bule!” As a doctor, he got a call in himself. Actually if you are imagine in that condition where there is no body that you know, you are alone in the country and an island in the first visit, got an accident, That would be lucky if people help you. So, we decided to help him.

taking care
the guy in the small clinic
A little bit broken part on the motorbike

There is only a small clinic called puskemas with limit medical things. The big hospital is very far away from the village. After the midwife in the clinic and @dokterjalanjalan finished cleaning his wounds, we decided to take him back to his place in Ubud. He rented a room there and unfortunately, his elbow is broken. @dokterjalanjalan put him behind while I was driving the guy’s motorbike. We tried to go to Hospital if we saw it on the way. Then we found a lady where she was riding motorbike with her son. She wants to show me the hospital called Rumah Sakit Kapal. When we were almost close to the hospital, @dokterjalanjalan turned around and went fast. Did you know what happen? It’s weird because the hospital were too far. The lady went fast also to catch @dokterjalanjalan. She was getting mad and forced us to go to the hospital. Ouh my God! Then we followed her again. 20 minutes we arrived in the hospital but actually we had already 2, 5 hours on the way.

@dokterjalanjalan took the guy to seen the doctor and to have x-ray while I faced the lady. She asked my phone number and offered spa also jewelry as her business. My phone was run out battery so, I gave my number and explained what happened. She doesn’t have any social media. Actually she wants us to help her promoting her business. Ouuhh Ibuk… Sorry for what we did. We will try to help. Then she left me. I went to the hospital.

The Ibuk’s address

The guy was waiting for getting x-ray. So, we decided to wait until it is finished. Then after the Indo doctor and @dokterjalanjalan explained what happened and what the guy should do, he wants us to help him taking the motorbike back to Ubud. We just went outside, he called @dokterjalanjalan. He wants us to pick him up as he doesn’t have enough cash and he needs to take money. So, we took him but then he wants to come back to Ubud. Okay we will go to Ubud then! After about 1,5 hours we arrived in Ubud, his place. There was no people there as maybe the owners were praying. @dokterjalanjalan explained about insurance and what he should do like to tell the family or call the insurance in his country. Then we left him.

The motorbike was full of blood on the left side. I was a bit freak of blood but I tried to be calm. Then we just got confuse what to do in Ubud as we should be in north part of Bali before. So, we stopped at the villa that we had 2 years ago named Villa Sunrise, but no room. Then we went to a small market and sitting there while drinking water. We did looking on the internet where we can stay. We got some options until we decided to stay in a villa called villa sari. We stayed there for one night only. It was very nice with the Javanese room in Bali style, the pool, the view, the location, the service plus the beautiful breakfast that we had there. We love it! I love the fluffy pancake! Then we checked out. We went to around Mount Batur.

What a lovely but we are not in romantic session mood
villa pool
Villa Sari
Nice pool

We went there for many hours on the motorbike. When we arrived in Kintamani, it was raining heavily and it was very cold. We had lunch and took a break then we continued our trip. We arrived at Batur Lake but it seems not interesting in rainy day. We tried to find a place to stay there. I disagree, I was just feeling uncomfortable as it was around the hill and scary. We almost stay in a nice place with Japanese style unfortunately they didn’t have TV. So, we decided to come back to Ubud but in different side. We passed the hanging garden area and we arrived in villa called green villa. Damn beautiful with the view! We got 3 levels with a private pool for only US$80/night. I love the view!

massive room
pool view


view from inside
view outside
across view
bath up
view again
view from the bathroom
the pool

Then it’s time to go back to Yogya! We had lunch on the way to the airport and took the motorbike back and we walked to the airport. Ouuhh see… It is different holiday! different adventure! So many crazy stories for only few days.



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  1. Wow, it’s beautiful there, thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures!

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  2. Thank you…
    That’s interesting blog

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