Journey to Labuhan Bajo In January

Last January 2017, @dokterjalanjalan and I planned to have holiday. We looked for information on the internet but it said that the weather in January is not nice in Labuhan Bajo. We’re confused where do we want to go? We’re a bit lazy to take double flights. So, we decided to go back to Labuhan Bajo. It is also to answer our curiosity about the weather.

Our journey’s started suddenly, the decision is taken in only one day, so we took morning flight from Yogya to Bali then continue to Labuhan Bajo by Explore Jet!

Komodo Airport

We arrived in Labuhan Bajo at the afternoon, we took taxi to the city of Labuhan Bajo. We went to the Warung Makan Padang to have lunch while @dokterjalanjalan was trying to look for boat at the Labuhan Bajo port. We didn’t want to visit the islands that we have visited, we want to have boat trip for 3 days. After looking for the boat for many hours, finally we found one with about 5 millions. It’s included 4 days 3 night and all the food and snack.

At the day, it was raining in Labuhan Bajo so we decided to find a place to stay. We started the boat trip in the next day. We chose a bungalow with rustic style on the hill. The view was very cool… we walked from the port to the hill. It seems the bungalow lack of stuff because we need to wait for a bit longer there to check-in.

View from the bungalow

Finally we stayed at the bungalow which cool because we feel like staying in the tree house. There are only 3 couple who stay in the bungalow. We got the highest place for the bungalow which has 2 big bedrooms and 1 toilet.

Relaxing room
the left bedroom
villa view
Bungalow below
breakfast at the bungalow

Unfortunately we didn’t meet the sunset because it was dark and cloudy. At the night we went to the fish market for dinner. We ordered the yummy grilled squid and grilled fish plus kangkung and ice tea. We should be smart to bargain with fish seller.

We woke up early at 8 O’clock for packing and heading to the Labuhan Bajo port. On the way to the port, we met a couple from South Africa who works in China. We helped them to get a boat for trip which has cheap price. They got one and they would go in the next day.

Leaving Labuhan port

At the first time, all was run well. There were 3 members of the boat who helped us during the trip. When we’re heading to Bidadari island, my head was getting heavy. I decided to lay down because I feel sick. Then I tried to do snorkeling but it didn’t feel ok. It made me feel worse. Then it’s started raining and there was very big wave about 5 meters. The boat people said it was the biggest and highest waves that they saw at the first time. After considering for a while, we decided to come back to Labuhan Bajo port.  It was hard day for me! My first sea sick. Then we rented a motorbike and then went to Bintang Flores Hotel. Lucky that @dokterjalanjalan has booked the hotel on the way to Labuhan Bajo port.

At the night, we had dinner with the South Africa couple and we laughed together about what happened. In the next day, they would go to Komodo Island only so that would be fine for them.

In the early morning, we had breakfast and we saw Valentino Rossi behind us!!!

@dokterjalanjalan said, “Look you have breakfast together with Valentino Rossi!” Whatttt??? Serious!!??? I’m excited to take a picture with him but then @dokterjalanjalan said we should respect his time to have holiday.

After breakfast, we decided to have holiday in Bali. We would try to have different holiday in Bali. We checked-out 5 minutes after Valentino Rossi. We almost met him at the airport. Unfortunately we had different flights.


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