The Unique Cocos (Keeling) Island, Western Australia

Last June 2016,

@dokterjalanjalan took me to the unique and beautiful island which is far away from anywhere called Cocos (Keeling) Island or CKI, Western Australia. He is a doctor who loves to work for remote area in Australia. At this time, he works in Cocos Keeling Island. He was working there before, but for me this is the first time and I am very excited for that!

The view from the jetty

The first time we were in the plane and the plane will be landing in Cocos (Keeling) Island and Christmas Island. The people is knowing each other there. Even for a doctor like @dokterjalanjalan who loves to make a friend with many people. This is my first time to have a flight where the people is knowing each other. Then we arrived at the Cocos Airport. Many people are picking up their family and friends there. The airport is in West Island. So, Cocos (K) Islands consists of two main island called Home Island and West Island with the other small islands around. The most Malay people are living in the Home Island while West Island is more with Australian who works as teacher, nurses, or people who live there. There is only one doctor who runs the hospitals both in West Island and Home Island. The doctor is staying in Home Island. So, I will stay in Home Island with @dokterjalanjalan.

The museum in Home Island, The Blue building is the Shire Office

To reach Home Island, we need to across the ocean by ferry. It is very clean and big ferry, I love it. We tried to sit on the deck but unfortunately it was raining, so we move inside. It is only about 20-30 minutes by ferry. Some people in the ferry was smiling at me. It was good sign that maybe I will love this island.

There is a small buggy car or what Malay people called with kereta (In Bahasa, it means a train). So, the doctor has facilities from the government such as car, and house with all the facilities inside. We were heading to the doctor house. I am surprised that it is huge house! I only saw it on the pictures that @dokterjalanjalan sent to me via Whatsapp. There are 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and one big massive living room. It is in front of the small beach where you can walk sometimes.

I found a playground
Fishing day!

After the rain stop, @dokterjalanjalan took me around the island by the car. He saw me the Kampong Malay (Malay’ s village), the power station, the supermarket, museum, school, hospital, nurses’ houses, petrol station and also a very old house. The house is actually the first house in Cocos (K) Island which is now it is owned by family from Perth. You can read more about the history of Cocos (K) Island here.

The first day I tried to visit Museum, I should go to the shire office first to get the key. Then you will have your own tour! I was shocked with the first thing I saw in the Museum. The dolls or mannequin that wears Traditional Wedding Clothes. I am bit scared with the face as actually I don’t really like mannequin in the shops also. Then, I read the interesting history of the island. Now I am not wondered why the museum has Shadow Puppet pictures and also Batik Clothes. Long time ago, there some people from Borneo and Java who were brought to this island. People from Borneo must be speaking the same Malay with the people in Cocos then.

After finished reading the history, I looked at the interesting ship that has big history. Then I looked at the things on the wall behind the fabric that I should move a bit. Waow! Shadow Puppets!!! I feel like finding, a home! Indonesia in Australia!

I fall in love with this island. Then I came back to the shire office after locking the museum door. I talked with some kakak (sisters) in the shire office as they are in break time and they are fasting so they doesn’t eat during the break time. I talked with them for an hour about many things. The funny thing they asked about Indonesia is the dangdut singers news from Indonesia. That is because some people have the television Indonesian channels. We should know that this island is very close to Indonesia. That is why they have Indonesian channels. That is interesting, isn’t it?

I love the people! Then I talk about dance also where I can perform because @dokterjalanjalan told me before that they will love if I can dance for them. So, I got some information that I can perform in Idul Fitri night. That is awesome!!!

The next days, I visited the hospital and I met some friends of @dokterjalanjalan there. They are very kind. Even they are talking to me like they meet their family. I am very happy to meet them. Their names are Nek Nafiz and Nek Adilah. They even invites us to have dinner in her house and cooks meals called Gonggong (traditional food from Cocos) and deliver it to our house. Ouh my God! That is very kind and generous. There is also Nek Jamil, a cool grandfather who loves to ride ATV and listening to music using earphones. He invites us to come to his Birthday party. Then his grandchild named Jamilah, I call her kakak lending me a Baju Kurung (Malay traditional dress) for Idul Fitr. Even she gave it to me! I am very surprised with all the people. They are very kind. Even they don’t know me well before.

The fantastic dinner before leaving Cocos 😥
My nenek
I am wearing Baju Kurung from Kakak Jamilah
Having dinner at the Wednesday restaurant

I got so many great experience in Cocos. It makes me grumpy for few days when we have to come back to Indonesia. I am sad that I have to leave the beautiful island. You will see so many beautiful spots both in Home Island, West Island or the Direction Island. Ouuh!!! You can swim with the sharks without afraid because they are not dangerous if you do not have wound or blood smell on your body. There are couple of turtles. I saw Dolphin!

I am on the old jetty
Look at the speargun!
My first double rainbow

I love the turquoise colors of the ocean. Even I saw double rainbow after walking across the ocean to the other island in the east part of Home Island. You can walk there because the water is gone during the noon. Then we have to come back before afternoon. We saw the rainbow which is very beautiful half round and double! You will love to do snorkeling and fishing in this island. I can catch a squid for the first time in my life in this island. There are some kakak who teach us how to do it.

I am trying to have headstand picture with the sunset
 West Island

The last time I before our flight to Perth, we went to the west part of West Island. There is a shallow water with so many sharks playing around. Ouuuh my God!!!!! I am very excited!!!! Plus! There was a beautiful sunset at that time. Actually, this story is only for representing my 6 weeks stay in Cocos (Keeling) Island. I should write more because I have my solo dancing performance there. Maybe I should write it in different article.


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