One Night in Perth

Before Cocos, we need to transit in Perth. So, We had flight from Jogja at night then heading to Bali to stay there one night because the flight to Perth is in the morning. Then we stay one night in Perth because the flight to Cocos (K) Island is only on Tuesday afternoon. We have time to do shopping before Cocos as we need to bring our own food there. Then we have free time to visit our friends who live in Perth. I am excited to meet the sweet little boy that we did singing together while we were camping in Sumba.

I found Balinese house there!
Happy to see you again guys…

It is about an hour from the Air Port. Before visiting the house, we went to a beach near their place. It is nice beach but it’s too cold for me, so I didn’t brave to touch the water. Finally, we visit our friends again after about 8 months we didn’t meet. Then I saw that she is pregnant and it was very happy surprise! And… I met the little boy! He showed me his ATM machine and his room. I was very happy to meet them in Perth. We went out for dinner. It was cold! @dokterjalanjalan said that we couldn’t stay in their place but then they tried to assure us that it is too cold to stay outside especially @dokterjalanjalan is already booked a caravan near the airport. It was 14 degree. Brrrrrr… We decided to stay there for one night and then went to go shopping directly from there before heading to Airport.

That is Sunrise btw!

In the morning, we had to go then we were waiting for about an hour in front of the supermarket. Then we did shopping for 3 boxes of fresh vegetables and meats. We are ready for Cocos flight! Then it the flight is postponed. Ouuhh no… What happened with our vegetables and meat? The flight tried to provide us accommodation and  free dinner voucher. We decided to stay at the hotel they provided then we tried to take care of the fresh vegetables by buying a sack of ice cubes.

In the morning, we were ready to go to the airport and I got problem to pass the immigration because my visa was only valid for once and we did once yesterday. After taking a long time and the staff did mad at me, the other staff let me pass the immigration. We remember that we need to call embassy later when we arrive in Cocos.

Finallly after  4 hours in the flight, we arrive in Cocos Island!


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