This is How I Celebrate New Year Eve 2017

I celebrated New Year Eve 2017 by attending the dancing performance at Abhayagiri Restaurant as my dancing friend invites me to come. Her wife will perform in the performance as Roro Jonggrang, one of the famous figure in Prambanan Temple Story. Even she asks me to bring a friend. I offered this to some friends as you know the result they tried to reject it. well… sometimes it is happened! When we tried to offer a good thing they tried to avoid it. They will change their minutes in the last minutes. I’m ready for that or I will go by myself which is fine. I am used to go by myself.

Learning about photography

So, the dancing performance is about Roro Jonggrang and Mas Wisnu also a dance but he doesn’t dance in the performance but his wife told me that I can just come to the place and look for the dancers room. I came there with a friend, Kakak Rani earlier than the dancers. Lucky, that we could do photo shots before taking picture of the dancers behind the stage. This time, I focus on behind the stage as I got chance to see their time to do makeup and costume. It was very exciting!

Basic foundation time!
Costume done!
mbak med
Mbak Medi is in front of the mirror

I took picts of some dancers who were busy putting on makeup, costumes, and joking each other. Even they asked me to take picture of them. I met my Balinese dancing teacher also in this location. Of course I took a picture with her. So bad that my camera battery was run out when the dancing performance just started about 15 minutes.

My Balinese dancing teacher
Funny expression of Lita when she tried to help her friend
putting on makeup
Blurry again!
The princess Jonggrang
Mas Wisnu and Mbak Medi

We celebrated the New Year Eve 2017 with the audiences after performance. We flew the balloons with a small light on it. Then we saw beautiful fireworks at the city’s sky as we were on the hill. It was very exciting New Year Eve! Thank you Mas Wisnu and Mbak Medi for inviting me.



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  1. Reblogged this on Safira's Journey and commented:

    This is backstage pictures about my dancer friends. I re blogged this so you can see how the dancers are having preparation here.


  2. Fascinating! Beautiful costumes, beautiful dancers – and all this on New Year’s Eve when I confess my behaviour was less than beautiful…

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