Balinese Dance

It was in 2012 I involved my self in a dancing school at State University of Yogyakarta. I was so happy that I could learn about dance as my dream is to introduce Indonesian’s art and culture to the countries that I will visit. I was learning about Javanese dance before, but then many times I saw Balinese dance practices and listened to the sounds, it reminds me how I love Bali atmosphere and culture especially for the dance and gamelan music.

Salah satu gerakan dalam Tari Pendhet, yaitu Ngliyer

Then after 6 months finishing the Javanese Dance, I moved to Balinese Traditional Dance class. I met my Balinese Teacher there. I was enjoying the dance and I had my first Balinese Dance, Pendhet Dance. Pendhet Dance is actually a dance that people use to pray but then the function is changed to greet important guests who come to Bali. I love the combination of the movements. I hope that I can dance or join in any festivals overseas wearing traditional Balinese Dance costumes or dancing will be awesome chance!

Me with Julie from America

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