Exploring Simelue, West Aceh

Welcome to Simelue!

It was in February to April 2016, @dokterjalanjalan and I went to Simelue, West Aceh. That is not in the city but it is separated to the central Aceh. This island is in west part of Aceh consists of two island the city called Sinabang and the beach part, Simelue. The airport is in the Simelue which also near Sinabang. We were picked up by the Bungalow staff with two motorbike.

We stayed in a bungalow which I forgot the name, I am so sorry but it is owned by French guy who lives sometimes in Aceh. He was a surfing teacher in the only one surfing school in Aceh. I really love the bungalow as it has beautiful beach in front of the bungalow plus a small lagoon and also green around. It is maintained very well by some staff there. I love their cook, especially a woman whom I called with Ibuk. She cooks very well and always delicious. I was always excited to have eating time because the food will spoil my taste buds. Even some guests from the other villas come to our bungalow to eat.

That is a motorbike that we rent from the bungalow
The bed inside the bungalow
a small river in front of our bungalow

It is about 75 US$ / night for staying in the bungalow that we rent. It includes the breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It has 3 bungalows when we visited there, 1 for the kitchen, 2 for the bedroom guests. Each bungalow has two bedrooms so it has 4 bedrooms there. At the first night, we were alone then guests from French stayed in the bungalow next to ours. We became friends with them because of we often having eating time together in the same table.

Beach in front of Bungalow

@dokterjalanjalan enjoys surfing in this island as he really want to go surfing in the surfing heaven in Aceh. There are many beaches which have good waves. I am not sure what the waves names. You can go around and exploring the island by renting motorbike about 7 US$. You can enjoy this island with not so many people so you can also relax while away from work and home.

It has good roads maybe because of Aceh’s earthquake, so the government take care of this island. If you want internet, you should buy local sim card called Simpati. I think this is the one that works well in the island and it is recommended by the local people.

If you found people who try to ask you to pay, speak in English if you actually knowing Bahasa. It will be good weapon to avoid the people because sometimes, he will charge you with crazy parking price.

Me playing Boogie Board
Sunset time!
I tried to write Simelue Playground

We enjoyed all the beaches there because there are not so many people. I could only do boogie board because I haven’t learned how to do surfing. But I did once time here. There is only one beach that you might be surprised with the river that you gave to across. Don’t worry it’s only small and shallow river. Local people said that it is because of The Tsunami, so the river exists now. There are some buffaloes in the river. You will meet them and you can say Hello!

You will also meet so many cows on the road as people consider that they are people’s. So, no one has one of the cows. Ouuh! Be careful with the flat tier because of nail or thorn. There are only few places that can help you. Otherwise, you should have the staff’s contact at the bungalow you stay. So, they can help you when it’s getting flat. We got three times! three times I walked!

It was great experience to know Simelue, Aceh as not so many Indonesians come to this Island. To get there, I’m from Yogyakarta so we took a flight directly to Kualanamu Airport in Medan about 2 hours, then took a flight from Medan to Simelue for 1,5 hours.

Beautiful Sunset view in front of Bungalow


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  2. So beautiful! It looks like a perfect place for a vacation. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. 🙂

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